At Elite Audiology Resources, we recognize the impact that tinnitus (ringing in the ears) can have on people’s lives. Dr. Badstubner is a local tinnitus expert and has some suggestions that may be helpful to you.

  • Avoid being in a quiet room. This can make your tinnitus seem louder
  • Try not to talk about, or focus on, the ringing. Doing so can increase your anxiety and therefore increase how noticeable it is to you.
  • Most people feel their tinnitus worsens at night while going to bed. Use a sound machine or oscillating fan at night while trying to fall asleep. Adding background sound to your environment will give other input for your brain to focus on.
  • Start using relaxation techniques, meditation, yoga, etc. Anything you can do to help yourself relax and go to your “happy place” will allow you to manage your symptoms easier.
  • If you work in a quiet environment, or find yourself in quiet often throughout your day, add background noise such as music or the radio during the day. If you work at a desk all day, try adding a fish tank, small water feature, or small sound generator to your desk.
  • If you find yourself focusing on it or your anxiety is escalating, get up and move around. Creating a change of scenery can help to break the cycle.
  • Do you also have TMJ pain? If so, visit your dentist and ask about their recommendations for relief.
  • Hearing aids. If you have hearing loss, treating the hearing loss often is accompanied by relief of tinnitus symptoms.

And most importantly, get a hearing evaluation. Often tinnitus occurs when someone also has hearing loss. Call us to schedule and in-home/office evaluation (817-778-4934). We can perform a diagnostic hearing and tinnitus evaluation and offer some more helpful suggestions.