What makes us different?


At Elite Audiology Resources, we believe that every person deserves individualized care and a customized hearing treatment plan. We are unique as we offer to see you in your home and/or office. We know getting to medical appointments can sometimes be very challenging. By working with you in your home or work environment, this allows us to better understand your needs on a daily basis and work together to ensure all your hearing needs are being met.

We know that navigating the world of hearing healthcare can be overwhelming and rather daunting. By making house calls, this allows us to develop a more personal relationship with our clients, helping us to give better recommendations that are truly focused on you and your needs.

You would use our service if you..

  • Need an outstanding audiologist.
  • Don’t want to waste time in a waiting room or sitting in traffic.
  • Can’t get a timely appointment with your audiologist.
  • Can’t get out of the house, or aren’t able to drive.
  • Want more privacy and personalized attention.
  • Have family members that are now home-bound.
  • Don’t want to take time off of work for an appointment.
  • Have a work schedule that is prohibitive to leaving for appointments during the day (extended hours are available!).
  • All the services we provide during a house call are the same ones that are offered in our office. Most of our patients never come into our physical office.

We see patients..

  • From 5 to 105+ years old.
  • We can often see you within two days of calling, often on the same day.
  • Throughout the DFW area.
  • For hearing loss and tinnitus.
  • With specialized needs and
  • That want access to the best care possible.
  • With custom hearing protection needs.