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Patient Testimonials

The main thing I like about Dr. Badstubner is she is prompt. She calls when she says she will and is always on time for appointments. She is also very personable and friendly, and I'm satisfied that she is an expert in her field. She would be welcome in my home any time.

— A. Burks

As a young girl of 5 I lost my hearing due to scarlet fever. Over the years and with numerous operations I was able to get back partial hearing. In my early adult life I still had operations and tried hearing aids, but I never felt like my concerns were listened to. Most of the hearing aids that I tried over the years hurt my ears. They would say wear them a while you will get use to them. Well I did wear them and I hated them, so I came to a decision everyone would just have to love me as I am, not able to hear very well. Then along came Dr. Amy Badstubner, who listened to what I had to say and figured out what type of hearing aid I needed and she really knew I would be happy with what she was doing to me. So now as a senior citizen I can hear, so watch out! If it is ear problems you have then please talk to Dr. Amy Badstubner at Elite Audiology Resources, she listens.

— P. Crenshaw

I came into contact with Elite Audiology Resources and Amy Badstubner upon referral by my primary physician after a traumatic experience with vertigo (also known as BPPV). Dr. Badstubner escalated my case and came to my home within hours of receiving my case. She first conducted a comprehensive hearing exam and then performed a physical procedure which manipulates the inner ear environment and stops the vertigo. Dr. Badstubner was very knowledgeable about BPPV and was thoroughly professional in delivering her services. She followed up with a phone call each day for the rest of the week and gave me her direct contact information should I need her or have any future questions. I would recommend her unreservedly for anyone suffering from BPPV or needing a thorough hearing assessment. Hopefully I’ll never have a BPPV episode again, but if I do, I definitely know who to call.

— P. Young

I called EARS for an appointment for my daughter. I loved that Dr. Badstubner came to our home and met my daughter in her own environment. It was so nice to have the exam in the comfort of our own home. The doctor was very knowledgeable and gentle. I was very impressed with the care and understanding she showed. I will definitely recommend her to my friends and family.

— D. Jimenez